Financial Inclusion

Financial Solution

CIGS provides end-to-end Solution for Financial Inclusion.

CIGS’ FI Technology Solution encompasses a wide array of options, like, proprietary Smart Card based solution to universal Chip-cum-Magnetic Stripe Card solution.

Authentication mechanism could vary from On-Card Biometric (fingerprint) Verification to Centralized Biometric Authentication Server to Biometric Authentication by UIDAI to PIN-based Authentication.

A host of Delivery Channels, such as, Point of Transaction (POT) Terminals, Point of Sale (POS) Terminals, Mobile, IVR, Internet Banking, ATM, etc., could be supported.

A whole range of services, like, basic Savings, Recurring Deposit, Term Deposit, Remittance, Payment, SHG-Linkage, Credit Appraisal, Loan Disbursal, Loan Recovery, Micro Insurance Sale, etc., could be offered.

Business Correspondent Services could be rendered at both Rural & Urban locations, handling both regular Financial Inclusion Services and the Direct Benefit Transfer transactions.

Salaries / Wages Distribution

Small and Medium Enterprises, who employ sizeable number of workers, but do not have any banking facility for their workers, could avail of CIGS’ service. CIGS could open the Savings account for their workers, with one of its partner banks and facilitate electronic credit of salaries / wages to the workers’ accounts; it can also facilitate withdrawal of money by the workers through BC Agents / ATM, as the case may be and facilitate purchase at Merchant Establishments, subject to partner bank approval.

EMI Recovery

CIGS can offer its feature-rich EMI Recovery Solution to Microfinance Institutions, which would help the latter save substantially on expenses related to recovery, thereby improving their spread / margin.


CIGS offers end-to-end Solution in the Financial Inclusion space, leveraging the advancements in technology and infrastructure.


  • Financial Inclusions
  • Salary / wages dsitribution
  • EMI Recovery